50 Dresses by Tess Vigil
You are chic! Wear a dress!

- Westword, Dec. 13th, 2012

The runway finale was presented by 50 Dresses by Tess Vigil. Sculpted necklines, lady-like silhouettes, and flirtatious hemlines displayed a nouveau touch to vintage-inspired styles. 50 Dresses had a thoughtful mixture of solids and print designs as well. Playful polka-dots, form-fitting stripes, and an intricate skull print were among the piece shown. Ranging from work appropriate dresses to evenings out, 50 Dresses truly had some special for all ages and body types.” -FashionDenver.com

Zooey Magazine- June/July 2012

Zooey Magazine- April/May 2012

Fashion Folio- May 7th, 2012

The Italianist- January 23rd, 2012

The Italianist.com

The 50 Dresses girl is contemporary and chic. The dresses offer beautiful affordable style and are all made in Downtown Los Angeles.

Constructed entirely of woven and natural fabrics, 50 Dresses appeals to the woman who wants to look and feel great!”

ModCloth Blog- January 12, 2012

Forever curious about the people behind the designs here at ModCloth, I decided to visit with Tess Vigil, the creator of 50 Dresses, to find out more about how she got started crafting the pretty dresses you see on our site. I met her for tea at her Santa Monica apartment (which doubles as her design studio) for a little behind-the-scenes peek into her creative process. Warmly greeted at the front door by her very enthusiastic pup, I was invited in for a proper cup of British tea before delving into the world of this Spanish lit major-turned-fashion designer.”

Miss Della Street- December 5th, 2011

I’m loving this dress by the aforementioned 50 Dresses, a local LA brand.  It is so easy to wear and it came with a matching sash to either wear as a belt or a head scarf, I do so love dresses that come with ready made accessories.  Well who am I kidding, I am a sucker of a dress with out without matching belts/head scarfs, but it sure doesn’t hurt!”

Glamour.com- September 29th, 2011

"We’ve seen plenty of unlikely places to hold fashion shows over the years—London’s Waterloo station, anyone?—but this one just may take the funnel cake!

The site LA-ist.com led us to this video of a “Fash Mob” show recently held at the Los Angeles county fair. Yes, there among the hot dogs on a stick was a parade of pretty models, all wearing the spring 2012 collection from the designer Tess Vigil of 50 Dresses.”

Read More http://www.glamour.com/fashion/blogs/slaves-to-fashion/2011/09/video-a-fash-mob-invades-the-l.html#ixzz1aEQ6YGM8

LAist- September 28th, 2011

"Deep fried Oreos, farm animals, floral displays, carnival rides and…a Spring 2012 dress collection? Attendees at the Los Angeles County Fair last weekend found themselves treated to a surprise fashion show by designer Tess Vigil of 50 Dresses, with models strutting the collection "Fash Mob"-style amidst the fried food and family fun.”

Racked LA- May 19th, 2011

"50 Dresses. Nothing super revolutionary, just really playful, easy-to-wear dresses made in LA. The right blend of Etsy inventiveness and mainstream polish.” 

Dedicated-Follower.com- May 19th, 2011

Champagne and Heels- May 8th, 2011

Champagne and Heels - March 15th, 2011

"Last night was the FIRST.LA contemporary fashion show organized by Directives West and packed with fun brands, including Twinkle By WenlanWhitney Eve, great knits from Yu Yu, lots of cool separates from James Icon and beautiful faux fur pieces from Imposter. I was asked to pick a young designer’s line to showcase and style and Tess Vigil, who actually found me, was the budding talent I chose. She is barely out of the gate, with only one season of her line 50 Dresses under her belt.  I love what she is doing and see a lot of potential in her skills, along with her enthusiasm, drive and openness to learn while she tries to expand her line all on her own. Laurie Brucker and Erin Weinger of StyleSectionLA were also guest stylists at the show and I loved the lines they chose. Laurie was responsible for one of my favorite Cali-based contemporary lines, Dolan and Erin chose edgy LA-based new comers Kolae. It was a great crowd and I was happy my friends come out to support.” - Hellin Kay

Champagne and Heels - March 4th, 2011

"I was asked to pick a young designer to showcase and style for the Fall 2011 Directives Westfashion show on Monday March 14th which I am really excited for. I picked Tess Vigil, a brand new LA-based designer doing a line of really cute vintage inspired dresses called… 50 Dresses. Tess has a really great instinct without much training and has some really cute stuff for her second season.  I love her girlie dresses and we’ve had fun throwing ideas around and tweaking her designs a bit. She and I had another fitting today and I can’t wait to share the finished product images after the show. ” -Hellin Kay

Dedicated-Follower.com - January 27th, 2011

50 Dresses, is one of those collections that result in a “huh, you’re making dresses for me? I had no idea I was a muse!” moments (Tibi and Lauren Moffatt result in similar cries)

This gorgeous collection, made with vintage reproduction quilting fabrics (100% cotton!) was conceived by charming designer Tess Vigil after she made an agreement with herself in May 2010 to create 50 dresses from scratch. She drafts all her own patterns and makes all her own samples and the collections are produced in downtown Los Angeles.

She’s definitely one to watch, and I literally want to own every single dress.” - Kelsi Smith

California Market Center- Focus Show January 18th, 2011

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The Style Crone- January 11th, 2011

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